EUROMAT 2017 congress - September 17-22, 2017, Thessaloniki, Greece

Several partners (10 people from 5 different nations) of the MOZART Project consortium, actively contributed to the scientific organization of the European Congress and Exhibition on advanced Materials and Processes 2017_EUROMAT 2017 (September 17-22, 2017, Thessaloniki, Greece), attended by more than 2000 people. They participated as part of Scientific Committee, Symposium organizer and Chair Person. Different contributions (talks and posters) focused on several MOZART activities have been given during the conference.

Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM)

Prof. Maria Vallet-Regì (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, ES)

Member of the EUROMAT 2017 Scientific Committee.

Organizer of the Symposia “Biomaterials for therapeutic delivery” and “Nanobiomaterials and nanotechnology for implants, devices and theranostics”.


Prof. Miguel Manzano (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, ES)

Organizer of the Symposium “Biomaterials for therapeutic delivery”.

Chair person of the session “Biomaterials for therapeutic delivery 2”.




Politecnico di Torino - POLITO


Prof. Chiara Vitale-Brovarone, MOZART co-ordinator (Politecnico di Torino, IT) 


Organizer of the Symposium “Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering”.


Chair person of the session “Bioactive glasses for bone regeneration and infection”.





Prof. Sonia Fiorilli (Politecnico di Torino, IT)


Chair person of session “Calcium Phosphates in Tissue Engineering”. 







Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU)

Prof. Aldo Boccaccini (Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg, DE)


Organizer of the Symposia “Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering” and “The Next Generation of Implants with Multi-functional Properties: Advanced Synthesis, Processing and Surface Modification Methods for Biomaterials".













Prof. Sonia Fiorilli (Politecnico di Torino- POLITO, IT)


“Incorporation of mesoporous bioactive glasses into thermosensitive polyurethane hydrogels for tissue regeneration” September 20, 2017.



Prof. Miguel Manzano (Universidad Complutense de Madrid UCM, ES)


“Self-immolative polymers: a new concept of gatekeepers for mesoporous silica nanoparticles” September 20, 2017.



Dr. Kay Zheng (Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg - FAU, DE)


 “Li-containing mesoporous bioactive glass for bone regeneration” September 19, 2017.


“Hollow mesoporous bioactive glass nanoparticles for dual release of biologically active ions and biomolecules” September 19, 2017.






Alessandra Bari (Politecnico di Torino – POLITO,  IT)


“Ion-doped mesoporous bioactive glass nanoparticles for wound healing applications”



Carlotta Pontremoli (Politecnico di Torino- POLITO, IT)


“Mesoporous glasses doped with ions: biocompatibility, osteogenic activity and antibacterial effect”



Dimitra Giasafaki (N.C.S.R. Demokritos, GR)


“Synthesis and modifications of porous carbon nanoparticles for therapeutic applications”



Anthony Bullock (University of Sheffield –USFD, UK)


“Non-invasive imaging of pH in bacterially infected tissue engineered skin models: implications for payload release from mesoporous therapeutic glass nanoparticles”



Prof. Chiara Vitale Brovarone and Prof. Sonia Fiorilli (POLITO, IT)



Dr. Anthony Bullock (USFD, UK), Prof. Sheila MacNeil (USFD, UK), Prof. Chiara Vitale Brovarone and Prof. Sonia Fiorilli (POLITO, IT)



Prof. Antonio Salinas (UCM, ES), Prof. Maria Vallet-Regì (UCM, ES), Prof. Chiara Vitale Brovarone (POLITO, IT), Prof. Sonia Fiorilli (POLITO, IT) and Prof. Daniel Arcos (UCM, ES)



Prof. Aldo Boccaccini (FAU, DE) and Dr. Kay Zheng (FAU, DE) 


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